Who's Who


Management Team

Colin Povey

Chief Executive
Colin Povey

Norman Gascoigne

Chairman of Club and Committee
Norman Gascoigne

PA to Chief Executive
Julie Cowley BEM

Email: juliecowley@edgbaston.com



Craig Flindall

Finance Director
Craig Flindall

Email: craigflindall@edgbaston.com

Andrew Wilkes

Financial Controller
Andrew Wilkes

Email: andrewwilkes@edgbaston.com

Team Member

Accounts Assistant
Della Turton

Email: dellaturton@edgbaston.com

Financial Accountant
Abraham Khan

Email: abrahamkhan@edgbaston.com

Commercial, Marketing & Media

 Gareth Roberts

Commercial Director
Gareth Roberts

Email: garethroberts@edgbaston.com

Tom Rawlings

Communications Manager
Tom Rawlings

Email: tomrawlings@edgbaston.com


Commercial Partners Manager
Catherine Nuttall

Email: catherinenuttall@edgbaston.com

 Arnes Probic

Marketing Manager
Arnes Pobric

Email: arnespobric@edgbaston.com

 Lyn Bowen  

Retail Manager
Lyn Bowen

Email: lynbowen@edgbaston.com


Commercial Executive
Shauna Murray

Email:  shaunamurray@edgbaston.com

Ticketing & Membership Manager
Andy Nichol

Email: andynichol@edgbaston.com


T20 Project Manager
Alex Perkins


Cricket Museum Curator 
Phil Britt

Email: philbritt@edgbaston.com



Hospitality Sales Manager
Nick Darke

Email: nick.darke@keithprowse.co.uk
Tel: 0121 446 3659    07825009290

 David Pearson Sales Executive
David Pearson

Email: david.pearson@keithprowse.co.uk

 Jon Bradbury

Sales Executive
Jon Bradbury

Tel:0121 446 3639    07825010434


Sales Executive
Sarah Jones

Email: sarah.jones@keithprowse.co.uk
Tel:0121 446 3679    07917277492

Conference & Events 


Head of Conference and Events Sales
Maria Clune 

Email: mariaclune@edgbaston.com

 Heidi Ferguson

Sales & Marketing Executive
Heidi Ferguson

Email: heidiferguson@edgbaston.com


NMD Sales Office Manager
Felicity Proctor

Email: felicityproctor@edgbaston.com


Sales Co-Ordinator (Specialising in Self Catering & Special Events)
Navneet Mangat

Email: navneetmangat@edgbaston.com

 Dawn Egginton

Sales Co-Ordinator (Currently on Maternity Leave)
Dawn Egginton

Email: dawnegginton@edgbaston.com


Sales Co-Ordinator (Maternity Cover)
Sarah Hyland

Email: sarahhyland@edgbaston.com

Sandra Moran

Sales Co-Ordinator
Sandra Moran

Email: sandramoran@edgbaston.com

Sales Co-Ordinator
Ryan Salter

Email: ryansalter@edgbaston.com



Head of Catering and Facilities 
Claire Daniel

Email: claire.daniel@compass-group.co.uk

 Dave Hill

Head Chef
Dave Hill


Catering Manager
Greg Smith

Email: greg.smith2@compass-group.co.uk

 Facilities & Maintenance


Facilities Manager
Eleanor Laidlaw



Warwickshire Cricket Board   


General Manager
Ed McCabe

Email: edmccabe@edgbaston.com


Elite Cricket Development Manager
Paul Greetham

Email: paulgreetham@edgbaston.com

Andy Wyles

Cricket Development Officer (Secondary Schools)
Andy Wyles

Email: andywyles@edgbaston.com

Errol Sims

Edgbaston Cricket Centre Manager
Errol Simms

Email: errolsimms@edgbaston.com


Cricket Development Officer (Schools)
Danny Maskell

Email: dannymaskell@edgbaston.com

 Darren Franklin

Cricket Development Officer (Adult Participation & Volunteer Support)
Darren Franklin

Email: darrenfranklin@edgbaston.com

 Angela Durndell

Office Manager
Angela Durndell

Email: angeladurndell@edgbaston.com


Women and Girls Co-Ordinator
Laura Crofts 

Email: lauracrofts@edgbaston.com

Cricket Development Officer (Community Participation)
Eaton Gordon

Email: eatongordon@edgbaston.com

Club Committee

J Payne, MA Din, AL Burn, N Gascoigne, A Finch, JI McDowall, M Williams, P Warren, AC Tickle, MHJ Wilcox, JA Winspear, JH Dodge, M Leavesley