It is always a subject that raises many names and differences of opinion when the debate is held as to who have been Warwickshire’s greatest ever players.

Everyone has favourites and will argue the respective merits on behalf of their personal choice, although often it can only be through the record book and passed down memories of some of the long departed former greats. Any historian will say that comparing and judging any player from one era against another is almost meaningless when playing conditions, equipment, comparative opposition strengths etc. etc. are made.

This section looks at just a few of those that may be considered to be included in Warwickshire’s Hall of Fame and taking the modern game with greater player transience into account, providing that player enjoyed the semblance of a career at Edgbaston, he qualifies as a Warwickshire great. Thus such overseas greats as Brian Lara and Allan Donald can take their rightful spot in this collection of cricketing heroes.

It is our intention to continually update this section, but it must be noted that it is not a definitive listing for all Warwickshire players and cricket lovers can continue to debate this topic.