Dougie Brown

Director of Cricket

How long have you been in your role? As Director of Cricket, since February 2013 and was previous Assistant Coach when appointment November 2008

What has been the most satisfactory moment of your job to date? There have been too many to single out just one, because watching all the players, particularly the Academy players, practise a skill and then implement it in a match environment is probably the most pleasing thing a coach can experience. It's really rewarding to watch cricketers trying to develop their game and improve; it makes all the hard work worthwhile

What's the best Bears performance you’ve seen? The Championship match at New Road against Worcestershire in 2009. Despite being faced by an incredibly difficult pitch, everyone dug deep, showcased their skills and managed to outplay the opposition in every facet of the game

What's the best thing about the Bears? The people! We have a brilliant squad of players who have developed an excellent working environment and bought into the culture of the club, which we as coaches have a responsibility to nurture and pass on to the next generation of players

What's the best quote you’ve heard in the dressing room and who was it from? As a coach, it’s best to keep your ears closed around the players as there are always ridiculous comments flying around… particularly when it is raining!