Chris Armstrong

Strength and Conditioning Coach

How long have you been involved with Warwickshire? I joined the club in a part-time role in 2005 and took up a full-time post in 2007
What does a typical day involve? I generally wake up early and drive to the ground for a bit of breakfast before we warm the players up and make sure they have all their nutrition drinks in order. Then, depending on the schedule, I might oversee a player's gym session or work on our analysis program and make sure all the cameras and computers are rigged up and ready for our lads to record their performances and see what they can improve on
What is your first cricket-related memory? My dad and grandad taking me to the local cricket pitch to bowl at me all night!
Who was your cricketing or sporting heroes growing up? Lance Armstrong
What has been your finest moment on the cricket pitch? Taking a catch off the bowling of Calum MacLeod to win a game against Cambridge University – I was fielding as a substitute. It’s the closest I will ever come to playing in a professional game!
Who have been the biggest influences on your career? I had great support from my family, my teachers at Thomas Telford School and from all my lecturers at university
What is the worst job you have ever had? Working for a building society and doing data entry – great people, boring job
Can you tell us one fact about Edgbaston the general public probably won’t know? That the food in the players' dining room is some of the best around!
How do you spend your time away from cricket? Relaxing with friends and family
You’re down to the last £10 you'll ever have. How do you spend it? I’d probably waste it on some downloads from iTunes
If you could meet one famous historical figure, who would it be? Nelson Mandela
What is the funniest thing you’ve ever seen on a cricket pitch? Trotty taking a catch in his pocket

What is your most embarrassing cricketing moment? Having to busk for money before they’d let me back on the team coach when I played for my university side
Who is the biggest joker in the Warwickshire squad or staff? Ian Bell or Gerhard – they’re always up to mischief
Who is the most superstitious member of the squad? All the guys have their own individual routines, but I wouldn’t say anyone was overly superstitious
Which member of the Warwickshire squad or staff would you most like under a skyer? Jim Troughton – definitely not Keith Cook!