Tuesday 10 July 2012 

Billie Quaife

Billie Quaife, Warwickshire's "WG" did not open on a regular basis but one feels that the diminutive run machine would put up as good a show as any.

The determined and correct defence, twinkling feet and neatly stroked cuts and dabs saw him amass 33862 runs, a county record for many a year until finally bettered by Amiss, the batsman who also narrowly beat his 71 centuries and equalled his 20 times 1000 runs in a season.

Unlike Amiss however Quaife also took 900 wickets with his mixed spinners and was still skirting around the boundary in his fifties. Quaife played 7 Tests. His record was undistinguished but he hardly had a fair run.