Thursday 5 September 2013 

NatWest County OSCAs


Warwickshire Fast Bowler Oliver Hannon-Dalby and Chief Executive Colin Povey recently paid tribute to the excellent work undertaken by volunteers at grassroots cricket clubs across the county at the NatWest Outstanding Services to Cricket Awards (OSCAs).

There were eight OSCA winners to recognise during the presentation and they were to following.

  • Behind the Scenes – Lucy Bellamy (Marston Green CC)
  • Behind the Scenes – Barbara Bazeley (Highway CC)
  • Building Partnerships – Bev Hollingsworth (Highway CC)
  • NatWest CricketForce Club of the year – Willoughby CC
  • Leagues and Boards – David Eagle (WCB Coaches Association)
  • Umpires – John Nash
  • Young Volunteer – Ahmed Nisar (Attock CC)
  • Lifetime Achievement – Neil Garland (Standard CC)

Massive congratulations go to all NatWest OSCA winners and a huge thank you for all their efforts in their respective clubs.

Without the efforts of volunteers working tirelessly behind the scenes, many cricket clubs would not be able to survive.

Specials thanks also go to Ed McCabe of the Warwickshire Cricket Board for hosting the day, Phil Brit for the photos and to The Bill Lloyd Memorial Trust Fund for its kind sponsorship.

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