Monday 10 December 2012 

AOC Coaching: Fast Bowling With Chris Wright


Chris Wright spoke recently to All Out Cricket magazine about has amazing 2012 season with the Bears. Read the article here at

Essex were left to rue releasing Chris Wright at the end of the 2011 season as he went on to play a pivotal role in Warwickshire’s County Championship title triumph, taking 67 wickets at 23 and earning a winter call-up to the England Performance Programme. Lithe and nippy, he is among the quickest speed merchants in county cricket and is known for his sharp bouncer. Here he gives his tips on cranking it up to full speed.

You appear to have added an extra yard of pace to your bowling over the last 18 months or so, Chris…

Yeah, I’d say so. I think certainly by playing more you’re more confident and you don’t worry about silly things, whereas as a younger bowler you might be thinking about technical things and outside pressures. You’re not going to bowl your best when you’re not thinking about the competitive element between you and the batsman. You’ve got to be very relaxed and confident to actually think ‘You know what? I don’t care about this that, or whatever else’ and just concentrate on the intent. The real intent to bowl quick.

If you’re trying to send down your quickest delivery, where should that extra speed come from?

Your run up should be meaningful and show intent. You don’t need to necessarily tear in but each step in your run up should be meaningful because you’re creating and storing energy which ultimately when you get to the crease and get into your delivery stride, is going to be coming through in your delivery. I don’t know many genuinely quick bowlers who ambled in. The slowest run up I can think of is Simon Jones but his was so rhythmical, so I wouldn’t suggest that route for an aspiring quick.


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